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And Soon the Darkness Review
May 1st, 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

By Saina Penrake



Hey! This is Saina! Yesterday I watched a ‘horror’ film called And Soon the Darkness. However it wasn’t a horror was more like a thriller. The film was about two american girls who go to Argentina. These girls are planning to go travelling to a different town but something happens which they weren’t planning.


Firstly, two pretty girls go into Argentina. I think they were asking for trouble. Quite risky. :-| So it’s their last night so they go to a near by pub. Ellie, one of the girls, has a drink with her friend, Stephanie. This drink was ordered by a man nearby. Ellie, a cocky girl, becomes very cocky and starts to hang out with the man who ordered the girls’ drinks. Stephanie is left alone and in the end decides to go back to the hotel. At three o’clock, Stephanie is woken by a thud at the window. It’s Ellie and the man. Ellie tells the man that she has to go, but the man doesn’t let her. Stephanie gets up and drags Ellie away from the man. While this fuss is going on, the man who’s staying opposite comes out and breaks up the fight. The plug from the alarm clock was taken out so the next day, they sleep in and miss the bus.


Ellie and Stephanie decide to go and see some waterfalls and caves. So they go to see a waterfall. The girls get into bikinis and have a lie down in the sun. After their lie down they have an argument and split up. Stephanie waits for her but Ellie doesn’t come. Stephanie returns to the place but Ellie has gone.


I found this film pretty short. I think there should have been more chases and more characters to make it much longer. It was pretty predictable. My dad and I knew there was something fishy about the local Argentinian cop. Also I think that Michael, the opposite neighbour, made a very bad choice, to split up with Stephanie as Stephanie could have got caught.


Apart from those little things, the film had a good story line and the actors were quite good.


I give this film…



If you like the look of this film click here to check it out.

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